• Local young adults (male and female) have been trained to facilitate Life Skills modules

  • Sawubona Project completed its first Life Skills Program in November 2019

  • The Program launched with 15 girls who all received certificates at the completion of the Program

  • SP is in the midst of its second Life Skills Program which runs from February to the end of October 2020 

  • The SP Life Skills program has 30 students both male and female, the average age is 17

  • The SP Life Skills Program is offered in the community of Msholozi

  • Students attend the Life Skills Program on site, in their own community

  • Modules include topics such as: Self-Esteem, HIV/Aids, Gender Equity, Teen Pregnancy, Gender Violence, and more.

  • A Games Day has been implemented into the Program as well. Students engage in practical learning through board games.

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Games Day

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Life Skills Class