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It was a bit of a "wet" start to the New Year. We had significant rainfall which impeded our access to Msholozi. Once the rain and flooding ceased it was full speed ahead. The kids and youth came out to Program with "bells" on, as we say in Canada.


Becoming Me in Msholozi

Each week youth are invited into a safe space to participate in compassionate and interactive life skills training. We cover topics such as communication and leadership skills, self-esteem, gender equity, HIV/AIDS, early Pregnancy, and much more. Beneficiaries are encouraged to take an active role in their learning. The program builds resilience and develops critical thinkings which leads to healthy decisions.  

Games Day March 2023.JPG

Games Day

Each week our Life Skills Program beneficiaries are invited to attend Games Day. They often bring friends and younger family members. This allows others to be exposed Sawubona Project. Games Day incorporates group board games, one on one strategy games, as well as sports (soccer being the most popular). Both Life Skills and Practical Skills are learned and/or improved upon while having lots of fun! 

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Presently there is only one public school in Msholozi. Parents give approval to their grade 7 sons and daughters to remain after school to participate in our compassionate and interactive training. Our Life Skills Modules are facilitated and followed up by students led presentations, debates, and dramas. The program builds resilience and develops critical thinking which leads to healthy decisions.

Ignites Hearts Inspires Change


We couldn't be more proud of our incredible group of girls. They show up with enthusiasm week after week. They took notes without being asked, they participated with little to no encouragement. They recalled and shared learning from the past modules. They were a collective gift led by a team of  dedicated and compassionate facilitators and volunteers. 

Becoming Me - Life Skills Programs 2022

Sawubona Project is offering free Life Skills programs in Msholozi, a semi-informal and growing community in South Africa. The interactive programs are offered after school, they are engaging and dig deep into important topics such as self-esteem, abuse, menstruation, healthy relationships, HIV/AIDS and much more. We're thankful to have been able to expand our program to include a co-ed group as well as a girls only group. 

Becoming Me Feb 2022.jpg

Menstruation Module

Learning more than basic and important facts, they girls are helping each other understand and embrace why menstruation is valuable and good.


Abuse Module

Unfortunately abuse is not uncommon within the community. Helping the girls understand emotional and physical abuse is super important. A small deposit toward investing in a future that does not tolerate abuse.


Why I like my period.

A 'Becoming Me' student shares why she likes her period. Watch video below.

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