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3 Simple Steps to take part in Charlie's Snowman Challenge




Grab a friend and when the snow's just right, build a snowman! Post a video or picture on social media. Don't forget to tag  @SawubonaProject  and #CharliesSnowmanChallenge

Make Charlie's Day with a donation to Sawubona Project, and change a life! 

Challenge at least 3 other people, over social media to do the same, use #CharliesSnowmanChallenge

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Do you have a snowman mug sitting in your cupboard? Pull it out and have a cuppa "something"! Take a pic and post on Social Media. The point is, don't let the snow stop you.


Don't have the gear to keep you warm outdoors, no problem. There are snowmen everywhere. Photobomb someone else's snowman. It doesn't even have to be real!

Be Free - Be Creative
  • Involve your Colleagues

  • Get a team together and have fun

  • Awesome fun for a youth group

  • Let your imagination run away

  • Don't let winter spoil the fun

  • No snow? Paint a snowman

  • Change a life through your donation

  • Endless possibilities!

Have You Wondered?
  • How many snowflakes it would take to make a snowman?  According to Bob Eckstein, about 10,000.

  • What about those snowflakes, are they all unique? According to Nathan Chandler, on a molecular level they are.

  • What's the average size of a snowflake? Apparently they range in size from the width of a human hair to less than that of a penny.

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As you build your snowman reflect on the 10,000 or so, unique snowflakes

that will come together to produce your very own unique snowman. Then think about the very special and unique youth and young adults you'll be impacting across the globe in a little known informal settlement called Msholozi, in South Africa. And yes, be AMAZED! 

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Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro

Or, perhaps a village?